What we do

Smart Creative Technologies Ltd has developed a novel technology aimed to revolutionise the current ways of handling electronic waste. Our simple, cost-effective solution reduces carbon footprint and can treat any grade or type of scrap boards. We have changed the game of recovering high-value materials from waste electrical and electronic components that were previously lost in inefficient and out of date processing methods.

A much higher yield of any metal content when compared to other current recovery processes

Able to recover lead, copper, tin and silver, all of which remain unrecovered when smelting process is used.

Much lower capital and operating cost than smelting.

80% lower energy consumption compared to smelting. Helps as a pre-smelt process to reduce workable volume

100% secured plastic separation from PCB.

99.9% of inputs and outputs are recycled or re-used.

We are part of the Blue Planet Group

Who We are

Smart Creative Technologies works as a solution provider to waste management, recycling and industrial factories worldwide.

Global consumption of electronics is rapidly increasing. The EU alone produces 11.6 million tonnes of discarded WEEE annually. The industry is also compound by illegal exportation and inappropriate donations of electronic equipment from developed to developing countries. The practice of exportation has become commonplace for several reasons. High labour costs and strict environmental regulations for hazardous waste disposal motivates the exportation of e-waste to less developed and less regulated countries. However, many developing countries lack facilities, technology and resources needed to recycle or dispose of e-waste. The use of primitive techniques, such as incineration and smelting, is plausible to some, but it still poses threats to people’s well-being, and to the environment. Smart Creative Technologies was inspired to create an innovative technology that would improve existing practices and standard operating procedures.

Through Smart Creative Technologies Silver, PCB and CRT Lead recovery systems, hassles of exportation to places with inefficient practices diminishes, allowing a safer, cleaner and more efficient technology to recycle waste. The use of extensive knowledge and processes ensure that maximum values for metals get extracted from the waste stream. The avoidance of disposal via landfill or incineration reduces air, ground and water pollution, which benefits the environment. Smart Creative Technologies team consists of experienced science and engineering professionals, with in-depth knowledge of precious metal recycling. The company has state-of-art engineering laboratory facilities and equipment, and R&D industrial investments in the form of grants.

Silver recovery

Here at Smart Creative Technologies, our advanced technological processes allow us to offer secure destruction and refining routes for the recovery of all silver from X-Ray film. 

PCB Recovery

Our ground-breaking technology is the first-ever process that can recover all precious and base metals from whole PCB’s in one step. Keeping the PCBs whole allows components to fall off, thus enabling more efficient recovery.

Cathode Ray Tube Lead Recovery

Smart Creative Technologies solution demonstrates significant advantages over existing processes as we can recover 99.9% of the lead from CRT glass and produce a valuable, clean by-product – sodium silicate- that has many industrial uses, instead of industrial slag.

Auto Catalyst

Current ways of recycling automotive catalysts involve both integrated smelting processes and dedicated high-temperature electric furnaces.

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