Silver Recovery (X-Ray Film)

Our PMR (Precious metal recovery) system

One of the major attractions that our Precious Metals Recovery system has, is the silver recovery efficiency is 98% via a ‘Closed Loop’ chemical process. The process has no waste and leaves a residual product of very high-quality PET plastic. This product is suitable for onward commodity sale to realise further revenues. The Smart Creative Technologies Precious Metals Recovery process is a very safe, low energy and low carbon impact technology! Our Precious Metals Recovery system has gone through vigorous testing at every stage during its development :

Our Capital/ Process equipment has been designed and procured

Able to recover lead, copper, tin and silver, all of which remain unrecovered when the smelting process is used.

Processing trials completed on Medical and Industrial X-Ray film

Chemical and ultrasonic solutions have been tested and proven

Evaporation / Electroplate techniques tested and proven

The Methodology utilised for recovering silver from liquid suspension has been proven to be highly efficient

*Smart Creative Technologies complies with all relevant UK legislation pertaining to the collection & destruction of X-Ray film. Smart Creative Technologies is certified to ISO 9001,14001 and 27001 and operates destruction standards to the EN15713 Security Shredding Standard. Smart Creative Technologies can also offer IL5/IL6 Top Secret Collection/Destruction

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